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Sound of Colors - Abstract Masterpiece

Sound of Colors - Abstract Masterpiece

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Title: Harmony of Abstraction: Acrylic Painting “New 2020”

Artist: Larissa Chupakhina

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Motif: Abstract representation

Style: Abstract

Size: 50cm x 50cm x 2cm

Features: Certificate of authenticity issued by Chupakhina Larissa, hand signed

Originality: Unique, handmade original

Year of manufacture: 2020

Country and region of manufacture: Germany

Seller type:Direct from the artist, Atelier Culari Art

Edition: Unique

Region of origin: Germany

Theme: Abstract, Fantasy

Personalize: No

Special features: Pictures are mounted on stretcher frames, side edges are painted.

Welcome to Culari Art Gallery - your source for exclusive handcrafted wall art. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and inspiration, where every piece tells a story and every line captures a moment of creativity.

Our collection of acrylic and oil paintings combines the timeless aesthetic of traditional painting with modern interpretations and artistic expressions. From vibrant explosions of color to subtle, calming landscapes, each work of art is a journey for the senses.

Larissa Chupakhina's works of art are not just decorations, but statements that bring your rooms to life. Whether in the living room, office or practice - our pictures create an atmosphere of calm, inspiration and a personal touch.

Discover the magic of hand-painted art and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of our works. Atelier Culari Art - where every painting tells a story and fills your rooms with life.

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