About Us


Larissa Chupakhina, born in 1980 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is a versatile artist who has made a name for herself in both fashion design and painting. Her creative career began in 1996 with her first designs in the field of people and fashion before she discovered her passion for abstract art.

Training and styles:

Larissa Chupakhina is a state-certified designer in the field of fashion and has explored and perfected various painting techniques over the years, including Copic markers, abstract painting with oil and acrylic paints, impressionism with oil and acrylic paints, watercolor and spontaneous realism. Her works are characterized by bold colors, sweeping depictions and the use of natural elements such as wood or threads, which give her paintings plasticity and liveliness.

Exhibitions and recognitions:

Since founding her studio “Atelier Culari Art” in Neubulach, Germany in 2012, Larissa has participated in numerous art exhibitions and presented her works in various countries. Her artworks can be found in town halls, hotels, offices and private collections, including the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg.

One of the most notable exhibitions took place at the renowned Kleiner Prinz gallery in Baden-Baden in the European Cultural Circle. This gallery is known for its support of contemporary artists and offers an inspiring environment for creative processes. Larissa's works were presented there as part of exhibitions with the theme "Contemporary visual artists introduce themselves", which made them accessible and recognized by a wide audience.

Current activities:

Chupakhina continues her artistic journey by constantly exploring new techniques and developing herself. Her works are meant to have a positive expressiveness and credibility that affects the viewer even without explanation. She strives to bring joy with her art, to put positive impulses into the world and to evoke uplifting emotions.